Mainnet Token Generation Event is LIVE
December 31 2020 16:00:00 GMT-0500


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The Contribution link is LIVE NOW, do NOT send funds to any other address you receive by email or from forums or Telegram.

Buy CZXP Tokens from the live app after December 31 2020

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Hard Cap: 100 wallets
Min/Max: 0.0000001 ETH / 1 ETH per wallet

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Nov - Cryptoz
Concept and Development
2018 - Dapp development
Oct 2020 - Open sourced Cryptoz Dapp on GitHub
Dec 2020 - CZXP Token Generation Event
Mar 2021 - Continue release of Complete New Sets on a monthly bass
Nov 2017 - Cryptoz
Concept and Development
April 2018 - Core Smart Contract development
Sept 2019 - Cryptoz beta on Ethereum testnet
Dec 2020 - LIVE Launch first 100 Cryptoz Types
Jan 2021 - Promote Cryptoz and continue cryptoz types releases

Token Generation Event

Utility Token Structure

  • Cryptoz eXPerience Tokens
  • Symbol: CZXP
  • Max. 1 ETH/wallet
  • 1 CZXP = 0.0000001 ETH
  • Early Supporter hard cap:
    1,000,000,000 minted on demand
  • 80,000,000 Pre-minted for Team
  • Never to be sold in Cryptoz Shop
  • Unlimited total supply minted from game actions
  • Staked for unlocking higher level limited edition cards
  • Burn czxp wager for increased odds in booster card pull

Early Supporters

Currency Exchange Rate
ETH 1 CZXP @ 0.0000001 ETH
You are on the {{network}}.
Metamask is your bridge to Ethereum.
We recommend Metamask for participating in the token event. We will NEVER ask for your secret key, and will post the Contribution process ONLY on our website.